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Ethiopia - Chelbessa

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fully washed grade 1 Yirgacheffe
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The Chelbessa Washing Station, where this coffee was processed, is fairly new to the coffee landscape in Yirgacheffe. Nonetheless, this family-owned and operated washing station is producing exceptional coffees on par with some of the region’s most renowned and established outfits.

Chelbessa partners with SNAP Coffee Exporters, who have been promoting Ethiopian Specialty Coffee since 2008. The company runs three coffee washing and processing stations in Chelelektu, Kochere and partner with washing stations in Uraga, Guji and Nensebo, West Arsi. They have, more recently, begun to work with Chelbessa to serve around 500 smallholder farmers in and around the town (Kebele) of Chelbessa.

Farmers in this region have farmed coffee for generations upon generations. They are true specialists and are committed to using the best chemical-free cultivation methods. These methods result in an already stand-out product, and Chelbessa makes the most of this by adhering to stringent post-harvest standards.

All coffee is selectively hand-harvested before being delivered to the washing station. At the washing station, Chelbessa’s team ensure that only the ripest cherries are processed. After being sorted again, coffee is delivered to the pulpers to be pulped and then fermented under water for 24-36 hours, depending on the weather conditions. Once fermentation is completed the parchment is thoroughly washed and is then graded in washing channels, separating each lot into two grades based on density. G1 is the denser of the two. Once graded, the coffee is soaked under clean spring water in tanks for 12-24 hours to remove all traces of fermented mucilage.

After washing, the coffee is delivered to raised beds to dry under shade for 10-14 days until moisture content reaches 12%. During this time, the coffee is regularly turned and hand sorted several times to remove any damaged or discoloured beans. Coffee is covered with plastic during the hottest hours of the day to protect the parchment from drying too quickly. Equally, it is covered overnight to prevent condensation from seeping into the drying parchment. This labour and love result in a truly exquisite cup profile.

Delicate notes of bergamot, jasmine and orange are accompanied with a lime and mandarin acidity.

Adding milk get's me in the direction of a lime-yoghurt drink with red berries ...

producer various smallholders
country of origine Ethiopia
region Chelbessa Woreda, Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone (Yirgacheffe)
altitude 1750-2000m
cultivar Heirloom & JARC
processing method parchment dried - washed
cupping score 87
% reject through color sorting 2.8