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Taquara do Reino

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direct trade - natural Mundo Novo
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Owner Mozart Tiso has dedicated his life to coffee production. After a career as a dentist he found happiness in farming coffee. Mozart, aided by his two sons who are both agronomists, works to improve their farm and conserve the environment. The farm is rich in flora and fauna. The total farm is 450 hectares. Coffee is cultivated on 200 hectares and much of the rest of the land is a wildlife conservation zone.

Mozart and his sons have implemented a new drying method that allows for effective and consistent drying despite adverse weather conditions. They use static box dryers, a metallic box with fans below that use cold wind to dry the coffee cherries. An opening at the top of the box can be opened to take advantage of sun and closed to shelter drying cherry from rain and condensation. Mozart and sons can also use the opening to initiate a slight fermentation by closing the opening during the day. Heat from sunlight hitting the metal sides foments fermentation. Cool wind from below slows this process down. A easy way of controlled fermentation is born :)

This innovative processing method gives this classic natural Brazilian coffee an nice touch of fruity flavours.

producer Mozart Tiso
country of origine Brazil
region Minas Gerais
altitude 1050m
cultivar Mundo Novo
processing method natural - cherry dried
cupping score 84
% reject through color sorting 3.4