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Beoordeel Costa Rica - Laderas del Sol

Costa Rica - Laderas del Sol

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natural Caturra
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This truly luscious Natural was produced and processed by Andrés Navarro at Finca Laderas del Sol, in the heart of Costa Rica’s coffee haven of Tarrazu. Andrés owns and manages his small, 7 hectare farm with an inspiring level of dedication and passion. His hard work and expertise are particularly evident in this tropical, complex Natural lot, composed of 100% Caturra cherries.

Andrés is young and is just starting to make a name for himself in coffee. He is not afraid to innovate and try new things. Most of all, he has worked very hard to develop his cupping skills, as he realises that understanding the end product will help him excel in all other aspects of production. He is a licensed Q grader and has participated in Cup of Excellence national juries in both 2018 and 2019. Above all, he is a true advocate for Costa Rican specialty coffees and consistently works with other producers in the region to share information, advice and opinions.

For Andrés, these diverse and comprehensive skills are necessary to maximise the potential of his fertile farm of Caturra & Catuaí trees.

Just as with many other mills in Costa Rica, Laderas del Sol was born with the objective of getting a better price for coffee in times of crisis. As such, Andrés has begun specialising in Natural processing, which has the added benefit of being more ecologically sound, as very little water is used.

Coffee is selectively hand picked with only the ripest cherries being selected. After harvest, the cherries are carried to the mill and floated in blue plastic tanks connected by pipes and siphons. Coffee cherries are delivered directly to the water-filled tanks and the heavy, ripe cherries are siphoned to the second tank while damaged and light ‘floaters’ are skimmed off the top by force the force of the water.  This method ensures only the ripest and most perfect cherries make it through to the drying tables.

After floating, the cherries are delivered directly to dry on the Mill’s extensive raised beds. The drying cherries are turned regularly to ensure even drying and are regularly sorted as they dry.

‘Laderas del Sol’ means ‘slopes of the sun’ in Spanish. Indeed, this farm shows a sunny future for Costa Rican specialty coffee.

pineapple, blackberry, papaya, star fruit, super sweet 

producent Andrés Navarro
land van origine Costa Rica
regio León Cortes, San Pablo
hoogte 1650m
cultivar Caturra
verwerkingsmethode cherry dried
cupping score 87
% afkeur in kleursortering 3