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Beoordeel Ethiopia - Gutema Yeshi

Ethiopia - Gutema Yeshi

1426 op voorraad
natural Yirgacheffe
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Gutema Yeshi joined the Bashasha Project because he wanted to access markets where he can promote his own coffee. Gutema is dedicated to working hard to produce great coffee and believes his work should be rewarded. We took him up on his offer to visit his farm and see his processing infrastructure and when tasted his coffee after our visit, we understood why he thought his coffee warranted higher prices. Afterall, that’s what the Bashasha Project is about: incentivizing great coffee with economic benefits and the chance to promote your own coffee on a global market.  

Gutema was on board. Working with us, he makes higher profits for his meticulous work. In the 2018/2019 season, we estimate that Gutema made up to 25% more than nearby farmers who were not in the program.

Citrus fruit, floral, strawberry

producent Gutema Yeshi
land van origine Ethiopië
regio Yirgacheffe
hoogte 1868m
cultivar JARC varieties , Local Landraces
verwerkingsmethode natural - cherry dried
cupping score 87
% afkeur in kleursortering 4.6