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Beoordeel Kruve Sifter Two - rood

Kruve Sifter Two - rood

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The body consists of three aluminium parts and wooden (bamboo) lid. Inside, there are sieves set on two levels, the lower for the fines, and the upper for the boulders. All parts are perfectly fitted and made from high quality materials.

The use is simple: put the sieves inside, pour in the grinds and shake for 30 - 60 seconds. The fines will drop on the bottom, the boulders will stay on the upper sieve, and the particles of the proper size will accumulate on the lower sieve. To clean the sieves just rinse them with water.

Kruve can also be used for grinder calibration. The manufacturer recommends using particular sieves for different brewing methods. After grinding coffee, sift it with suggested sieves. Aim at achieving 1:1 ratio between fines and boulders. If there are more boulders, grind coffee finer. If it is the other way around, try a coarser grind.

Manufacturer's suggestions:
Pour over: 400 - 800μm sieves
French Press: 600 - 1000μm sieves
AeroPress: 500 - 900μm sieves
Moka pot: 350 - 700μm sieves
Drip brewer: 400 - 900μm sieves
Espresso: 250 - 500μm sieves
Cold Brew: 600 - 1100μm sieves
Syphon: 400 - 800μm sieves


Sieve: indicates the nominal hole diameter
Units: micrometer (um)
Tolerances: +/- 12um
Materials: stainless steel sieve, aluminium body, bamboo lid