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Beoordeel VST precision filter basket - ridgeless - 25 gram

VST precision filter basket - ridgeless - 25 gram

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The original from VSTinc. Available in 18, 20,  22 and 25  grams. Only ridgeless.

Matt Perger based his Pergtamp on the size of these filters working together with the Mählkonig EK43
to get a higher yield and more uniform extraction.

Competition Class
Each new VST Precision Filter is optimized for use with specific capcaities in dose weight of coffee. The 20g VST Competition filter is the the preferred dose used in WCE and WBC competitions, and in many specialty cafes and coffee shops.

Improved Espresso Quality
VST's precision filters deliver consistent extraction performance over a wide range of concentration with reduced sediment and simplified preparation. Each VST filter is designed to extract properly as a Normale, Ristretto or Lungo

Precision Fabrication
Built with unprecidented precision, all VST Filters are WARRANTED for ZERO DEFECTS. Holes are formed using a new micro-machine and finishing process.

  • Area
    100% of holes are measured on every filter for min/max range limits on area and diameter to a precision of better than +/- 30 µm (+/- 15µm typical).
  • Circularity
    All holes are measured for circularity, placement, square area and blocked holes.
  • Uniformity
    Filters are matched for total square area opening to +/- 5% to ensure identical group-to-group performance. (Typical filters vary from -50 to +100%)

Hole Placement
Hole pattern is centered to +/- 1.0 mm and placement is oriented for uniform extraction throughout the entire puck.

Hole Geometry
Wide outlet angle prevents clogging, anti-wear design ensures uniform extraction performance for life of product.

Superior Material
Improved structural integrity, will withstand deflection from pump cycling without premature fatigue failures.

Designed to fit most 60mm Portafilters (e61). (compare height DIMENSIONS, above to depth of your portafilter)