Cuppen, ruiken, proeven

Hario Kasuya Cupping lepel mat zwart
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Hario roestvrijstalen koffie proeflepel. Essentieel in elk café en elke koffiebranderij waar koffie geproefd moet worden.
Rattleware Cupping Brewer
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Rattleware Coffee Brewer is a device that can be used as an alternative for cupping bowls and as a regular coffee brewer.
Barista Space
Barista space - Cupping lepel- zwart
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espresso gear
Espresso Gear - Cupping Spoon
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Espresso Gear cupping spoon is an essential tool for every barista. Crucial for training, made of stainless steel, with Espresso Gear logo engraved on the handle. Profiled form, with the bowl of a perfect depth and width.
Motta cupping spoon
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High quality, stainless steel cupping spoon made by Metallurgica Motta in Italy.
Hario - Kasuya Cupping Bowl
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Hario porceleinen cupping bowl. Essentieel bij elke plek waar er gecupt wordt.
W. Wright
W. Wright small cupping spoon - silver plated
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