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Beoordeel Colombia - DECAF de Caña

Colombia - DECAF de Caña

1462 op voorraad
EA Decaf de Caña - Huila
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Caramel and toffee flavors with tangy acidity and fruit-like sweetness


Ethyl acetate is an occurring ester (present in bananas and also as a by-product of fermented sugars) that is used as a solvent to bond with and remove caffeine from green coffee. First, the coffee is sorted and steamed for 30 minutes under low pressure in order to open the coffee seeds’ pores and prepare them for decaffeination. The coffee is placed in a solution of both water and ethyl acetate, where the E.A. will begin to bond with the salts of chlorogenic acids inside the seeds. The tank will be drained and re-filled over the course of eight hours until caffeine is no longer detected. The seeds are steamed once more to remove the ethyl acetate traces. The coffee is then dried and polished for export.

land van origine Colombia
regio Huila
hoogte 1400 - 2000m
cultivar Caturra & Castillo
verwerkingsmethode parchment dried, washed - sugar cane ethyl acetate decaffeinated
cupping score 84
% afkeur in kleursortering 1.7