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Beoordeel Hario - W60-02 Ceramic Coffee Dripper wit PDC-02W

Hario - W60-02 Ceramic Coffee Dripper wit PDC-02W

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Hario W60 Dripper is a pourover coffee brewer. It allows you to brew a single cup of coffee or several servings. It combines a ceramic dripper with an additional resin mesh filter - it is light, durable, and does not require paper filters. Created by Hario in collaboration with and Pete Licata, 2013 world barista champion.

Would you like to get started with alternative methods of coffee brewing, but don't know what to choose? This Japanese gadget allows you to make the most of your coffee in a simple and effective way. The filter method is great fun and allows for experimenting with coffee. Surprise your friends with rich taste and aroma of coffee, and the technique of its preparation!

To prepare delicious coffee you need freshly ground coffee of high quality, your favourite cup or server and scales. Pour ground coffee into the dripper and put it on the vessel that you use for serving coffee. An attachment is provided to place the dripper directly on your mug (fits cups with a mouth diameter of 5cm to 10cm). The infusion process takes only 3 - 4 minutes.

The W60 is a next-generation dripper that continues the tradition of the V60's spiral ribbing. The mesh filter features a flat base that won't obstruct the flow of ground coffee, allowing you to fully extract all the flavour from your light-roasted coffee beans. You can brew your coffee with a paper filter just like with the V60, or only using the resin mesh, which is perfect for savouring all the oils in your coffee. Whichever method you use, the W60 gives allows you to brew coffee with a crisp flavour unlike any other.

Another advantage of this method is extremely easy maintenance. After use, simply wash the dripper in running water or in a dishwasher.

Made in Japan.