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Knob koffie handmolen

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We strived to create the best product without making any sacrifices on quality or sparing any expenses during the design process. The materials we use are industry-standard, lightweight in thickness, and premium in quality. Though it was tempting, we didn’t take risks on materials that would adversely affect product quality, producing all product parts with the highest quality food-grade materials.

The most critical feature of a coffee grinder in revealing its quality is certainly its consistency. We have achieved a perfect consistency in our design, to eliminate wobbling with Italian Burrs that have proven themselves many times.

We removed the axle entirely, which was very difficult to center, to prevent wobbling and ensure perfect consistency. Using an axle to hold everything in place did not prove to be any good for us, so we removed it from the design. This is why we call it our patent-pending design, one and first of a kind.

We kept the cone part of the burr fixed, yeah you read that right! it’s fixed. Knob Grinder transfers the rotation to the ring part of the burr, and completely eliminates the possibility of wobbling, and provides you with a great space for your coffee beans.

Unlike the traditional ways, Knob Grinder gives you the opportunity to dial your settings outside the grinder. For the ultimate consistency, we use the outer burr against the rotation forces and the fixed cone part for the adjustments of the grinding.

We designed a stepless adjustment system for Knob Grinder to provide the widest range of grinding across all brew methods. In order to achieve higher sensitivity, we have provided the opportunity of 3 rounds of adjustment to our 2 1/4″ diameter grinder. With this design, we created a stepless 1080-degree range of motion for users. Moreover, we numbered our 1080-degree range of motion so that the user can easily track which setting they are using.

We have eliminated the need to reset the mechanism each time it is used. In fact, we made the adjustment super simple. You can make adjustments within a few seconds by simply loosening the second knob, and you can switch from fine to coarse very easily. Unlike the other grinders, you do not have the risk of injury to your fingers while screwing the grind setting dial back onto the axle. Thanks to our numbering system and the adjustment mechanism, it is now easier than ever for you to find the ideal grinding size without counting steps.

In addition to the above, eliminating the axle and the other unnecessary components gives the grinder a unique interior volume. It makes cleaning the interior much easier than any other grinder on the market. The body can be disassembled into two parts. Disassembling is very easy, no tools are necessary! This provides incredible convenience for cleaning.

Switching the Knob Grinder to portable mode is quick and easy. We designed a crank that can be detached by means of a simple knob. Loosen the first knob, shift the crank into the vertical position, then fasten it. Easy as 1,2,3.

The lid of the knob Coffee Grinder can also be used for measuring the coffee beans before the grinding process. If you do not have a scale with you, you can easily determine the required 7g for one person and 14g for two people by using the scale inside the lid.

In addition, you can use the same lid to close the catcher and turn it into an airtight container. It will keep the coffee fresh until you brew it. You can easily wash your catcher and the lid in the dishwasher.

Knob Grinder’s diameter of 1 27/32" inches (47 mm) cone burr provides great convenience by reducing the number of rotations and required time for grinding. We ensured that the grinding of 20 grams of coffee was done in the incredibly short time of 40 seconds and 60 rounds at the finest setting. This will save you 2x the time and effort when compared with other grinders. 

The body is produced with only two parts. It can be easily removed without the need for any tools! 

Crafted from one piece of aluminum. It is classically elegant and durable. It comes in silver, black, or white with two diamond criss-cross patterned knobs. 

The universal scale: Banana. It shows us everything we need to know about dimensions. Do you need any data else?

Simple, reliable, and compact packing have a special design for Kickstarter supporters.