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Nicaragua Kubaly 75%

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56g craft chocolate bar
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It was in Nicaragua where the very first European tasted ground cacao mixed with water and vanilla: on September 14, 1505, Christopher Columbus was invited by a local chieftain to drink this royal beverage. He brought some cacao beans back to Spain, and the rest is history. Kubaly organic cacao grows in the vicinity of Waslala in central Nicaragua. The area has a humid tropical climate perfectly suited for cacao production: average temperature is around 24°C and annual rainfall 2,400 mm. Unfortunately, cacao farms in Nicaragua were severely affected by Monilia fungus, which had a detrimental impact on production levels and made farmers decide to grow other crops. To make matters worse, the region was also the location for many guerrilla fights during the Nicaraguan Revolution. From 2002 onwards Silva’s partner Cacaonica focuses on producing high quality cacao by investing in good farming practices, central post-harvesting production, training of farmers, and improved logistics. These efforts are paying off: with its smooth chocolaty profile with interesting creamy, sweet and woody notes, Nicaragua Kubaly organic is rightly called a premium cacao.


The surrounding hills around Waslala are covered with vegetation, have water- filled rivers and streams and offer scenic views of the forests and countryside. However, the natural forests are under threat. Trees are cut down to make way for monoculture crops, resulting in loss of biodiversity and decreasing water levels. Cacao cultivation is an important way to curb further deforestation. Cacao grows in agroforestry under the canopy of natural forests, intercropped with coffee, wheat, corn, beans and other food and cash crops. Farmers are motivated to protect trees instead of cutting them, because they can earn extra income with agroforestry. Kubaly cacao is produced organically: organic production costs are lower, it helps to protects the natural environment and offers buyers a healthier product.


Nicaragua Kubaly organic is from Trinitario varieties. It has a smooth chocolaty profile with pleasant sweetness, creamy and woody notes, dried fruits, such as raisins, and hints of almonds and fresh grapes. After manual picking, the farmers open the ripe pods on their farm and bring the wet beans to central collection points from where the beans are transported to the post-harvesting facilities of Cacaonica. Fermentation takes 5 to 6 days in horizontal wooden boxes. Drying is difficult in the humid climate of Waslala. The beans first undergo a pre-drying phase of 48 hours under transparent sheets, followed by 8 days in direct sunlight or in solar tunnels. After rigorous picking and screening the beans are pack in 50 kg jute bags with polypropylene lining, and transported to the port of Corinto. From there Kubaly organic cacao sails to Antwerp.


Kubaly organic cacao is produced by 25 smallholder cacao farmers along the Rio Kubali. They live in remote areas without good roads and transport systems, so they carry their goods by foot or mule. Most farming families own around 10 hectares of land, of which 1 or 2 hectares is planted with cacao trees. Being able to sell at premium prices to the international market of fine flavour cacao is an important source of income for the farmers. Cacaonica is a farmers’ organization founded in 2002. It has 280 active members, all smallholder cacao farmers spread throughout 40 communities. The organization focuses on training in farming and post-harvesting protocols. Our sourcing partner pre-finances its purchases, so that farmers have an income between harvests. Kubaly organic cacao is certified under the Small Producers Programme, a fair-trade label that places producers at the heart of its organisation.

country of origine Nicaragua
region Waslala
producer 25 smallholders
variety Trinitario
refinement and conging