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Brewista Smart Pour 2 digital Kettle 1.2ltr
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Brewista Smart Pour Variable Temperature Kettle - technologically advanced kettle with temperature pre-set function.
The kettle allows for setting any desired temperature between 60 and 100 degrees Celsius and maintaining the heat for one hour. Can't ima
Hario Fit V60 Drip Kettle Silver - 1,2l
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Hario Fit Kettle in silver! This practical kettle is an essential tool for every barista - you can use it to boil and pour water. Thanks to its precision, it is particularly useful for coffee brewing with alternative methods such as a Dripper, Chemex or A
Brewista Kettle Flow Restrictor
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Reduces the flow/pour rate to increase accuracy in a pour over or steeping function. You simply put it inside the kettle, at the base of the gooseneck.